The brand of RETRO Cigarillos was established in 2012 as a response to the needs of Polish consumers who sought good quality products for smoking at a low price. The first in the market appeared RETRO American Blend cigarillos (today’s RED).

2 pcs

Our Bestseler is a cigarillos with a filter in a pack containing 2 pieces. They are aesthetically and securely packaged and at the same time cheap. Each package has an EAN code, and inside the products are protected with foil, so they do not lose their fragrance and humidity qualities.

Flavors and size

RETRO is a cigarillos available in 2 different sizes, with or without filter, in 3 different types of packaging and in total up to 9 different aromas: from natural to classic vanilla and cherry to unique mango or raspberry with mint.

Q & A

What are cigarillos?

Cigarillos are tobacco products, similar in construction to a small cigar because of the use as an outer layer of a piece of tobacco leaf. Cigarillos are often equipped with a mouthpiece or a filter. The most common are machine-generated, which reduces production costs.

Why is there no band on the packaging?

Cigarillos are exempted from the obligation to mark excise duties on the basis of the regulation of the Minister of Finance of 20 August 2010 on the exemption from the obligation to mark Excu-marks (OJ. 2010 No. 157 Item No. 1055 delayed D.).

Can I sell cigarillos in small packages?

Yes, cigarillos can be sold in a unit package containing less than 20 pcs., the act of 9 November 1995 of the Year on the protection of health against the consequences of the use of tobacco and tobacco products (OJ. 1996 No. 10 Item No. 55 delayed (d) In art. Article 6 (1) 4 imposes a quantitative limit of Min. 20 pcs. only for cigarettes. It does not therefore apply to cigarillos.

What margin is applied to the cigarillos?

Cigarillos do not have a price on the package, which means that the commercial margin can be freely determined by the sellers.

What is the content of nicotine and tar in cigarids?

There is no obligation to post on the packaging of cigarillos information about the content of T/N/Co.

Where to buy?

Convenience shops

RETRO can be found in the shopping malls of the press lounges, m.in:

  • Kolporter
  • Inmedio
  • Relay
  • Trafika (Tabak Poland)

Grocery and alcohol stores

RETRO is also available in:

  • Grocery stores-most often on a tobacco or alcohol booth
  • Alcoholic shops
  • Petrol stations

Thousands of conscious customers in Poland and abroad have already chosen RETRO cigarillos


RETRO are available in a variety of aromas, sizes and packages