Cigarillos making process is a labor of love from the beginning to the end. Meet the process of creating the perfect cigarillos RETRO from the seed to opening a small package of luxury.

Cultivation of tobacco

Thousands of seeds are initially sown in special containers to be looked after and watered, and after a few weeks they are moved to the ground. The soil on the plantations is fertile and properly hydrated, as the tobacco leaves consist of 90% of the water. The seedlings are planted manually in equal rows, which guarantee the proper rooting of the plants and the free access of the people who care for them.
When the dozens of days pass, the leaves are ready for harvest. This is done before sunrise to maintain proper humidity. Now they should be bound as fast as possible and hang up for drying. It will last a few weeks when the leaves smeared with a gentle wind will dry and turn from green to golden. The next step on the road to perfect cigarillos is the fermentation, which develops the characteristic taste and aroma of tobacco. The leaves are arranged here in piles, carefully described and cataloged. Over the next few months, they will be looked after and rearranged so that they all ferment in the same way.




Travel across the ocean

This is the last stage that is taking place in the plantations. Then packaged tobacco goes to the European factory and is subjected to further processing, which results in the formation of filter cigarillos. A product of great quality, unique aroma and comfort of smoking.
Cigarillos go to central Poland where they are first packaged in foil to retain their aroma and moisture and then in a box that further protects them from damage. These uniqe packaging goes to distributors and retailers in Poland, the Netherlands, Portugal and Slovakia.