Our company has been operating on the Polish tobacco market since 2006. We are at the forefront of companies specializing in import, production and distribution of cigarillos in Poland, and for several years also in other European countries.

In the Netherlands and Portugal smokers know our products under the brand name RETROS available in various flavors. Due to the specifics of these markets, they are available in other packages than in Poland, because they contain not 2 and 4 or 5 cigarillos with a filter. Although the name and packaging are slightly different from the home market, quality remains unchanged.
RETRO in almost identical form as in Poland is also available in our southern neighbors Slovaks. The connoisseurs can also choose from 8 flavors and the package contains 2 pieces of cigarillos, which, due to the low price, puts them on the shelf of impulse products.

Our international development is just beginning and we are working on further developing the distribution of RETRO cigarillos both domestically and abroad. We are in good relations with our foreign partners and actively seek new ones. taking part in the international trade fair for the tobacco industry.


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