About Us

TOPartner is an experienced and unique team of highly skilled young people operating on the Polish market since 2006. At this time, the share of our products in the cigars and cigarillos market regularly grow, reaching 30%.

The year 2012 is our intensive development. In our offer appeared own brand of cigarillos with a filter RETRO. Today, the customers can chose from 8 excellent flavors in different types of packaging. Further development of the brand, which is so loved by smokers is our priority.

The success of own brands continue, introducing in 2015 line of rolling papers. It is a response to the expectations of consumers, the brand RETRO associated with excellent quality and low price.

2016 is for us breakthrough. We cooperate with international contractors and in 2017 RETROS appears on foreign markets. It is accessible for smokers from the Netherlands, Portugal and Spain.

The satisfaction of our customers is our priority. A lot of time we spend on the development of our products in order to meet even the most demanding consumers.

From the beginning of our inception systematically we work with a wide range of wholesale and retail customers. Our clients are both individual traders and large international retail chains. In the country we have a professional and experienced sales force, whose main task is to build distribution and exemplary relations with wholesalers and retail outlets. Our company, together with logistics facilities is located in Pabianice, Poland. Here, too are a sales and marketing department.

Our motto is:

Life is too short for bad smoking, which is why we give you the best!


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